Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo

The feast of the Virgen del Carmen  also called “Mamacha Carmen” which is performed in Paucartambo was declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage and Culture Live by R.D.N No. 543-2006 / INC declaration dated 11/04/2006 by the National Institute of Culture INC

Paucartambo is recognized as the folkloric capital of Cusco and Peru. Paucartambo dances are recognized.

The gathering that starts this festival is done in the main square where bands of musicians play their instruments while richly dressed choirs sing in Quechua, kicking choreography witty passages depicting the history of Peru.

During the day walking troupes dancing in the narrow cobbled streets of the town, preceded by bands and orchestras go down the streets. Everything is transformed into colorful costumes and musical chords. Pilgrims are interspersed with dancing crews, blending each other in a magical celebration.

For five days, groups of dancers perform, the main day the Virgin is conducted in procession to bless those present in Paucartambo and scare off demons. The dancers’ Sajras  perform gymnastic and risky tests on the roofs of houses, showing their outfits Inca and colonial styles. At the end of the procession there is a war against the demons, which the faithful emerge triumphant.

Finally everything ends in “kacharpari” or farewell party.

This festival is held every year in the colonial town of Paucartambo, at a height of 3,017 m.s.n.m. and 110 km. from Cusco approximately 4 hours from Cusco.


Source: Mincetur

Parades and Dances in Cusco

The month Jubilee of Cusco and began, know when and where the main parades will be presented.

The Jubilee month of Cusco has arrived and thousands of cusquenian and even foreign are ready to participate in competitions and parades in various parts of the city.

One of the most enthusiastic groups in Cusco always been made up of schoolchildren in different grades and schools, who year after year surprise with their allegories and well executed steps.

Thus, in order to ensure the active participation of educational institutions in the three levels initial, primary and secondary, and no university in the area of the region of Cusco, the Regional Directorate of Education unveils the schedule of participation in the grand parade of dances that develop from June in the main square of Cusco city.

The parade of typical dances of Cusco of the educational institutions of the initial level is scheduled for Friday June 10 from 09:00 a.m; the participation at the primary level is scheduled for Monday June 13 from 09:00 a.m.

The same way the participation of the secondary level in the parade of dances is set for the Tuesday June 14 also the non-university colleges register their participation in these celebrations of the imperial city on Wednesday June 15 from 09:00 am

Source: Correo