Perú, land of new experiences.

Perú, Land of new experiences

According to historical publications, the name of Perú comes after the Spaniards conquered the first settlement in the region: Santa María de la Antigua, on the shores of the Caribbean, on the border of Panama and Colombia. During his stay, the European invaders plundered all the riches of the native villages. It was in this bustle the conquistadors heard about a distant region (to the South) with so much gold that they would need several men to take it.


The leader of the Spanish group was Vasco Núñez de Balboa who ignored the directions of  natives and marched towards new lands that were lapped by the Pacific Ocean. Within that group was a veteran soldier named Francisco Pizarro.

The tour was guided by the Tumaco chieftain who led the Spaniards to the coasts of South America, especially to the coast of Colombia. In these explorations, the conquerors would listen to a feared and powerful chieftain named Biru governing a province of the same name. Then, an idea in the Spaniards came. They should come against the indigenous leader to give death, but they never found him. The swamps of the Amazon and mosquitoes discouraged the invaders who returned to Santa María de la Antigua.

Amazon river landscape in Brazil

After these battles, the Spaniards decided  not continue to seek the Chief. It was an unnecessary purpose. However, something happened in this Odyssey in search of the Kingdom of the Incas. In crossing the Spanish suffered an accident and was saved by the chieftain Biru. After this events. Andagoya fell ill and they returned to Panama. To the returned, much before he died, had already been the voice of the existence of a centuries-old culture full of gold and jewels. It is in this process that for the first time in history the word Peru is written. To be precise a 23 July 1523. The Spaniards named the promising land as the province of Perú instead of Biru.



Actually, Perú has more richness than any can imagine. The truly gold is its landscape, historical places, and diversity of climates. You can live new experiences visiting Perú. Visit Perú and prove it new experience wait for you.

Visit to Machupicchu

Visit Machu Picchu, live new experiences

Visit different places around the World can be unforgettable and exciting experiences than anybody must live.

Enter the citadel of MachuPicchu is a new experience, new and magical experience.
People who have ever visited this historic complex in the city of Cusco have returned to their countries satisfied to have lived an unforgettable experience.

The Citadel of MachuPicchu is located in a sacred and mystical area, which harmonizes with the natural landscape, being a place of historical and cultural importance; And a demostration of the architectural elaboration of the Inca culture. It was built by Pachacutec (the patriarch of the Tawantinsuyu) and is a mysterious place, a monument to divinity, where people perceive that they are a creation of God.


Located at 2,430 meters high in a place of great beauty, in the midst of a tropical mountain forest, the sanctuary of MachuPicchu was probably the most amazing architectural realization of the Inca Empire in its heyday. Its walls, terraces and gigantic ramps give the impression of having been carved in the cliffs of the rock, as if they were part of it. The natural setting, located on the eastern slope of the Andes, is part of the Upper Amazon basin, that has a variety of flora and fauna.

stairs incas

Visit to citadel is a new experience.  The experience of visit  this  Wonder World is anything nobody could tell with words, experience that you must to live.
As of July 1, 2018, the entrance to the Inca Llaqta of MachuPicchu will be “ONCE WITHOUT OPTION TO RE- ENTRY AND THE SECOND TURN WILL HAVE ITS ACCESS FROM 12 OF THE HALF DAY”

  • It is obligatory to have a guide to visit Machupicchu
  • The visit of the place is done in one direction only. According to pre-established circuits previously agreed with the guide.
  • The entry ticket is only valid only once; It is no longer possible to leave the place and re-enter later.
  • The entrance and exit are located in 2 different places, so it is no longer possible to leave your things in the slogans at the entrance.
  • Parasols, umbrellas and children’s cars are forbidden in the citadel.
  • You can’t buy tickets directly on the spot.
  • The only authorized baggage are the small backpacks or handbags.

Please if you are going to visit our Wonder World take these advices and enjoy your visit waiting for back again.

Cusco Festivity 2018


The Inti Raymi is a Cusco festivity celebrated from the time of the Incas during the winter solstice to worship the sun god, shades colorful costumes, banquets of luxury, festive music, and historical recreations.

This festivity is in honor of the Sun god and performed in the presence of the Inca, the Willaq Uma or High Priest, Tarpuntay, Wirapirikuq and Kallparikuy, as well as the nobility and representatives of the Panacas, for which are used three impressive historical and natural scenes.

  • Qoricancha


The most important temple in Cusco some people  said here exists a golden garden. Here develop a first part of festivity.

  • Main Square of Cusco

Inti raymi at Sacsayhuaman - Cusco festivity

In time of Inkas,  was developed all of festiviy here.

  • Sacsayhuamán

Inti Raymi on the main square - Cusco festivity

Now central part of this festivity is developed  here.

In 1572 the Inti Raymi was banned by Viceroy Francisco de Toledo for be considered a pagan ceremony and contrary to the Catholic faith. From that date it had to be held clandestinely.

In 1944 Faustino Espinoza Navarro carried out a historical reconstruction of the Inti Raymi based on the chronicle of the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. From that date the celebration was again a public event that until today is one of the main tourist attractions and  Cusco festivity.

Today the Inti Raymi is a theatrical representation, but also one of the most evocative traditional manifestations of our national identity because it symbolizes the values and memories of our past.
Is one of festivities more famous in Perú. Cusco has a lot of history alows us to connect with richness of  its culture.

All of  city  is bright and colorful environment.  Cusco  receives  visitors anywhere of the world , brings together all of Latin America, being a display of culture, color and majesty. It is a incredible experience you can´t leave to live. Come and visit our World Wonder , Machupicchu.