Perú, land of new experiences.

Perú, Land of new experiences

According to historical publications, the name of Perú comes after the Spaniards conquered the first settlement in the region: Santa María de la Antigua, on the shores of the Caribbean, on the border of Panama and Colombia. During his stay, the European invaders plundered all the riches of the native villages. It was in this bustle the conquistadors heard about a distant region (to the South) with so much gold that they would need several men to take it.


The leader of the Spanish group was Vasco Núñez de Balboa who ignored the directions of  natives and marched towards new lands that were lapped by the Pacific Ocean. Within that group was a veteran soldier named Francisco Pizarro.

The tour was guided by the Tumaco chieftain who led the Spaniards to the coasts of South America, especially to the coast of Colombia. In these explorations, the conquerors would listen to a feared and powerful chieftain named Biru governing a province of the same name. Then, an idea in the Spaniards came. They should come against the indigenous leader to give death, but they never found him. The swamps of the Amazon and mosquitoes discouraged the invaders who returned to Santa María de la Antigua.

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After these battles, the Spaniards decided  not continue to seek the Chief. It was an unnecessary purpose. However, something happened in this Odyssey in search of the Kingdom of the Incas. In crossing the Spanish suffered an accident and was saved by the chieftain Biru. After this events. Andagoya fell ill and they returned to Panama. To the returned, much before he died, had already been the voice of the existence of a centuries-old culture full of gold and jewels. It is in this process that for the first time in history the word Peru is written. To be precise a 23 July 1523. The Spaniards named the promising land as the province of Perú instead of Biru.



Actually, Perú has more richness than any can imagine. The truly gold is its landscape, historical places, and diversity of climates. You can live new experiences visiting Perú. Visit Perú and prove it new experience wait for you.

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