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Corporate Name: Inka Trail Expeditions Peru E.I.R.L.
Trade Name: Inka Trail Expeditions Peru
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Team of Inca Trail Expeditions Peru

Why travel whit us?

Inka Trail Expeditions Perú Tour Operator was founded with nothing more than a strong desire to create an authentic Peruvian travel agency, embodying the rich diversity of tradition, adventure, and mystery that makes Peru such a fascinating country to visit. Our travel agency was born in Cusco, Peru, the land of the Incas, and will always remain as close and true to the local communities and Peruvian culture as possible, without compromise. On the contrary, we strive to celebrate and share the fantastic heritage of our great nation on every given occasion.

From the moment we started the company in 2007, we have lived the values that today we associate with our corporate culture and management style: caring for all employees, practical management, and an unwavering commitment to meeting customer needs through excellence in quality, service, and hospitality.

Everything we do is based on our unwavering beliefs in treating people fairly, working hard, paying close attention to details, and listening to our customers.

Inka Trail Expeditions Perú is dedicated to providing high-quality travel experiences that preserve the fragile lands we visit. Working closely with our customers, we are able to design unique vacations that match their interests and schedules. In addition to customized private trips, our specialty lies in trekking, including iconic routes such as the "Inca Trail", "Salkantay Trek", "Choquequirao Trek", "Ausangate Trek", "Lares Trek", and their derivatives.

Our Beginning

In 2007, Inka Trail Expeditions Perú, a South American Tour Operator, was founded with a strong desire to create an authentic Peruvian agency. The rich diversity of tradition, adventure, and mystery makes Peru a fascinating country to visit.

At Inka Trail Expeditions Perú, we offer something for everyone and more of what you're looking for. We invite you to discover lush landscapes through a sustainable tourism experience like nothing else in the world. We provide an alternative adventure travel option compared to traditional cruises and bus trips. Our goal is not only to change the way people seek adventure holidays but also to showcase that traveling within Peru is an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting mark on your life. Through our social projects, such as Fundación INKA, we are full of energy and natural adventure. These projects are deeply rooted in our core values, inspiring our business and being today.

Our staff

We have a team of travel professionals with expertise at our headquarters in Seattle, and we maintain long-standing contractual relationships with our logistics specialists in Peru, who collaborate on the development and coordination of our tours. All of them have traveled extensively or have lived and worked in our destination countries, sharing a common business philosophy and an ethical commitment to the environment.

Group Size

At our travel agency, we limit the size of our travel groups to a maximum of twelve travelers, with sixteen as the absolute limit. This policy offers several significant benefits. Firstly, it minimizes our environmental impact, allowing us to travel to less crowded areas and reduce our ecological footprint. Additionally, it creates a more personalized tourism experience as our guides have ample time to cater to the individual needs of each visitor. Traveling in small groups also increases the likelihood of wildlife encounters, especially in areas like the Amazon.


We thoroughly research each destination before including it in a trip. Through our trained staff, we have established strong business relationships in all the areas we visit, allowing us to create unique itineraries of ecological and cultural significance for our travelers while ensuring their utmost safety and protection. We enhance our planned trips with a wide range of optional excursion choices, ranging from a few hours to several days, enabling our passengers to delve deeper into their travel interests.


At INKA TRAIL EXPEDITIONS PERU, we conduct personal inspections of the rooms and facilities of all potential hotels and inns at each tourist destination. We carefully select those that meet our rigorous standards in terms of cleanliness, comfort, location, security, customer service, and ambiance. Additionally, we support hotels that implement sustainable practices and are locally owned and operated.


We hire guides who are native to the region, authorized, and certified in accordance with the government regulations of Peru. They are all bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish and English, and some even master the local indigenous languages. In addition to their regional expertise, our guides have medical training, and some have received additional medical training for mountain and desert environments. We prioritize the safety of our travelers, so our guides maintain constant communication with external assistance services available 24/7 in most of the places we visit. Our team of guides consists of knowledgeable and friendly individuals, whose valuable insights into the true nature of their homelands greatly enhance the travel experience.

Local Travel Services and Regional Guides

To provide passengers with the most authentic experience possible, we hire local travel services in the countries we visit. The primary aim of this policy is to employ regional guides instead of assigning the same guide or a Western tour leader to accompany passengers throughout the trip. This ensures that our passengers are always in the hands of knowledgeable guides who intimately know their destinations.

Sustainable Tourism Practices

INKA TRAIL EXPEDITIONS PERU takes pride in holding the ISO 14001 sustainability certification and ISO 9001 quality certification, reflecting our commitment to excellence and the preservation of the natural environment while providing memorable experiences to our travelers.

Memberships and Financial Contributions

INKA TRAIL EXPEDITIONS PERU is proud to be a part of the INKA Foundation. We believe in the power of collaboration and the positive impact it can have on people's lives. Our work would not be possible without the support of our collaborators and the commitment of our team. Together, we have extended our assistance to orphanages, children's homes, special schools, and communities in Peru. Furthermore, we have worked tirelessly to promote environmental conservation and ecological awareness among young people through educational visits to tourist destinations. If you share our vision of a better world and wish to be part of this cause, we encourage you to visit us at www.inka-foundation.org and learn more about our work and how you can contribute.

Annual Christmas in Cusco

Every year, Inka Trail Expeditions Perú organizes a Christmas Party in Cusco, committed to sharing the Christmas spirit and engaging in activities that distribute gifts, meals, and hot chocolate to children. We continuously seek new ways to actively support sustainable tourism.


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ISO 9001

Demonstrating our commitment to quality, we hold ISO 9001 certification, ensuring excellence in our services.

ISO 14001

With ISO 14001, we prioritize environmental sustainability, reducing our impact on the planet.

Trip Advisor - Traveler's Choice 2023

We're honored to be recognized with the Traveler's Choice Award in 2023, a testament to our dedication to exceptional travel experiences.

Official Agency - Tour Operator

We are an official agency and tour operator, ensuring a unique and high-quality travel experience to the destinations of your choice in Cusco and Peru.

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