Inti Raymi 2023 "Sun Festival" Full day

Inti Raymi - Sacsayhuaman Fortress
Ceremony of Inti Raymi on Saqsayhuaman Fortress

DURATION: 8:00AM to 4:30PM

This tour starts at 8:00 am, picking you up from the hotel, then we go to the first scene for the ceremony. The ceremony of INTI RAYMI has three different scenes in three different places. It starts at the Qoricancha Palace situated on El Sol Avenue. Then we move on to the main square, the Plaza del Armas , where the second ceremony will be held. Finally, it ends in the most special scene at Sacsayhuaman ( 3 km from Cusco) where we will go by bus.

Ceremony of Inti Raymi on Main Square of Cusco
Ceremony of Inti Raymi on Main Square of Cusco


The central staging of Inti Raymi is held in the Sacred main square of Saqsaywaman. They have place tribunes that can acommodate about 3,906 people. All the seats are very confortable for the spectators.The VIP Zone is formed for these 3 tribunes (Orange, Red and Green) which gives a better view of the ceremony.

VIP Tribunes of Inti Raymi (Orange, Red and Green) on Sacsayhuaman Fortress
VIP Tribunes of Inti Raymi (Orange, Red and Green) on Sacsayhuaman Fortress


EMEFUC offers other necesary services to attend to the INTI RAYMI, VIP confortable seats for the spectator, Higienic Mobil Bathrooms, Fisrt Aid Post and police security which allow you to enjoy this ancestral ceremony.

Inti Raymi, VIP zone on Qoricancha of Cusco
VIP Tribunes of Inti Raymi on Qoricancha of Cusco


Entrance tickets to the VIP tribune (Orange, Red or Green).
Official tourism guide English / Spanish.
Box lunch.
Bus transportation.
Transfers from all the places.
Pull service (shared with other tourists)


Entrance to recreational sites, such as "Clubs" "Hot Springs, Amusement Parks".
Others not specified in the Program.
Unscheduled meals.
Opening Inti Raymi, Vip Zone on Qoricancha. + USD 30.00 (limited spaces)


To send you all the information about how to book please email us and we will respond as soon as possible by sending all the necessary information and / or answering your concerns.

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