Choquequiraw Trek 4 Days

Type of Tour : Adventure, Cultural

Activity(s) Hiking, Trekking, Guided Visits

And it’s no surprise as it´s surrounded by fantastic natural landscapes with valleys, snow-capped mountains and an amazing variety of plants, birds, and animals. 
It is situated in the mountain range of the Salkantay, at over 3030 meters above sea level, surrounded by the Apus (mountain gods) of Yamana, Ampay, Chokecarpu, Pumasiyo, and Panta, on the left bank of the Apurimac River. During the time of the Incas, everything was connected and in communication with Machu Picchu through a complex network of trails. 
Choquequiraw is considered "The Last Refuge of the Inca Empire".

Visitors will have a chance to discover a complex hydraulic system, most likely for domestic, ceremonial and agricultural use. The geographic location of Choquequiraw in reference to other religious centers of the same period tends to indicate that its function was that Inca enclave toward the valleys of the Apurímac River. There are many similarities between Choquequiraw and Machu Picchu. 
The purpose of the Trail to Choquequiraw was religious and ceremonial, a pilgrimage that included rituals to honor the mountains and peaks of the route, like 77sacred mountain.



DAY 1: By Bus Cusco - Cachora, Trekking from Cachora to Chiquisca/La Playa.

Cusco | Cachora – Chiquisca: Distance: 18 km/11.2 miles,

Climate: Warm, Hiking

Time: 7 hours

Lo recogeremos de su hotel en transporte turístico para llevarlo a "San Pedro de Cachora" (2800 msnm), un hermoso pueblo andino; en Cachora comenzamos las 4 horas de caminata antes de llegar a nuestro lugar de almuerzo, luego nos dirigiremos al sector Kapuliyoq, donde continuaremos nuestra caminata. Allí en Kapuliyoq, durante el camino, podemos disfrutar de una gran diversidad de paisajes que pertenecen a diferentes climas, como el nevado de Padriyoc , la flora y fauna de la diversidad andina que hace hermoso nuestro viaje.

 Podremos ver el canon más profundo del mundo, el cañón Apurimac donde fluye el río Apurimac y también es posible ver las primeras vistas de Choquequiraw . Continuaremos descendiendo hasta Chiquisqa , donde tendremos un breve descanso.
Después del almuerzo comenzaremos con nuestro último descenso del día, será de aproximadamente 2 horas aprox. hacia el sector de La Playa.

La playa tiene aproximadamente 1800 msnm . Cerca de Apurimac "el río sagrado".

DAY 2: La Playa - Marampata - Choquequiraw.

Chiquisqa | Playa Rosalina – Santa Rosa – Marampata - Choquequiraw:

Distance: 17 km/10.6 miles,

Climate: Warm, Hiking Time: 6 hours

Después del desayuno orgánico, comienza la subida de 2 horas hasta el pequeño pueblo de Santa Rosa (punto de interrupción) y luego continúa la subida durante 3 horas hasta el lugar de almuerzo Marampata . Durante la caminata podrá disfrutar del espléndido cañón de Apurimac , la montaña de Choquequiraw y hermosas montañas abruptas. Después del almuerzo, la caminata es muy suave para llegar a la ciudad inca perdida, Choquequiraw.
El campamento está solo fuera del sitio Inca (posibilidad de ver la puesta de sol y los cóndores).

DAY 3: Choquequiraw - Marampata - La Playa.

Choquequiraw - Marampata – Chiquisca:

Distance: 22 km/13.7 miles,

Climate: Warm day and cold at night, Hiking

Time: 8 hours

Después de tomar un delicioso desayuno orgánico, comienza el misterioso recorrido en Choquequiraw, comenzaremos con nuestra experiencia de caminata guiada al Complejo Arqueológico de Choquequiraw que tomará aproximadamente 2 horas, y más tarde algo de tiempo libre en la ciudad inca perdida, todo el recorrido de Choquequiraw guiarse (Cuna de oro), sector Llamas, Ushnu Ceremonial y Zona Religiosa.

Considerada como la hermana de Machu Picchu, ya que existen varias similitudes, también se encuentra a 1500 metros sobre el Canon Apurímac, solo se ha descubierto una tercera parte de este Complejo Arqueológico y aún muchos arqueólogos encuentran algo interesante cada vez. 
Luego tendremos un picnic Almuerzo en Choquequiraw y luego descenderemos a la caída de Pajchayoc.

Después de visitar el sitio, viene el almuerzo para regresar al Cañón de Apurímac, que es Playa, donde pasamos la noche cerca del río exactamente en el primer campamento.

DAY 4: La Playa - Capuliyoc - Cachora and final transfer by car to Cusco.

Chiquisca | Capuliyoc – Cachora – Cusco:

Distance: 17 km/10.6 miles,

Climate: warm, Hiking

Time: 7 hours.

Today we will leave the campsite extremely early in the morning after the breakfast, we’ll hike 4 hours uphill to Capuliyoc, where will have the last lunch with your expedition team. After lunch we still have 2 more hours of hiking to Cachora Andean village, finally since this point we take the bus to Cusco in order to get back by late in the afternoon to Cusco.

More Information

Pre-departure briefing: You will meet your Choquequiraw Trek” guide and group in our office for an orientation before your trek. At this time, we will provide you with the duffle bags which will be carried by our Porters. The meeting will be at 6:00 PM the evening before the trip begins. In case you can’t come at this time “please let us know” to coordinate another time. 
Touristic Transport: You will be picked up from your hotel in Cusco in the morning and will travel by private transportation to Capuliyoc the starting point of the trek to Choquequiraw.
Adventure Experienced Inka Choquequiraw trek Tour Guide: English speaking, professionally educated, and official tour guide with tourism certification. They all grew up in this region and have a true passion to teach others about their heritage. Your guide will explain the culture and surroundings along the entire route, including leading your group in ancient ceremonies! He or she will keep you safe, sound, and comfortable on your trek so that you can enjoy your time along the Inca path and will ensure you are safe and happy.
Private campsites: Each campsite is carefully choosed for have a very local experience.

Night 1: Enjoy the 1st night in Chiquisca campsite on the route Choquequiraw trek and sleep in our 4 season Pro Aconcagua Doite tents. All our tents are 4-man tents, but ONLY sleep 2, leaving lots of room to spread out comfortably and store your duffel bags. They also include a little vestibule in front, giving you some extra outdoor space to leave your boots and walking sticks so you don’t have to bring in dirt.
Night 2: Enjoy the 2nd night in Marampata on the route Choquequiraw trek and sleep in our 4 season Pro Aconcagua Doite tents. All our tents are 4-man tents, but ONLY sleep 2, leaving lots of room to spread out comfortably and store your duffel bags. They also include a little vestibule in front, giving you some extra outdoor space to leave your boots and walking sticks so you don’t have to bring in dirt.
Night 3: Enjoy the 3rd night in Chiquisca campsite on the route Choquequiraw trek Cusco and sleep in our 4 season Pro Aconcagua Doite tents. All our tents are 4-man tents, but ONLY sleep 2, leaving lots of room to spread out comfortably and store your duffel bags. They also include a little vestibule in front, giving you some extra.
Note: It is not usual that campsites, lodges or hotels change after the confirmation, however it can vary per government regulations and authorization, also for bad weather conditions and maybe because physical condition of our visitors: Any changes in this matter, ITEP travel will be informing you previously and as soon as possible.

Camping equipment: Dining and kitchen tents, tables, chairs, and cooking equipment (all carried by our porters and horses).
Entry ticket to Choquequiraw trail and Inka city
1 Duffle Bag: You can put your personal luggage, up to 5 kgs (11.02 lbs.), including your sleeping bag; this bag will be carried by our horses during the 4 days.
Professional Trekking Chef: A professional chef specialized in cooking on the trail, with an assistant, will prepare all of your delicious meals along our journey on the Trail to replenish your energy every day. You will never go hungry!
Meals: 3Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 3 Dinners (Vegetarian, vegan, or special menus are available at no extra cost) Please be in mind (1st breakfast and last lunch is not included”
Boiled Water: Beginning from your first lunch until your last breakfast, Inka Trail Expeditions will supply all the water needed. This water will be boiled, filtered and then cooled, before distributing. You must supply your own water bottles or camel back. We recommend carrying about 3L worth. We will refill our waters at each meal.
Wake up tea: Every morning at the campsite, you will wake up with a cup of coca tea! Our staff will bring the tea to your tent so that you will be warmed from inside out before you start your day.
Tea time daily during the Trek: Every afternoon before dinner, the cooks will provide our tea time with popcorn, biscuits, coffee, hot chocolate, teas, hot water, etc. After a long day of hiking, you will not have to wait until dinner to relax, warm up, and enjoy a bite to eat!
Products for hygiene: You will be provided with a small towel before each meal to clean your hands and every morning will be also a bucket with warm water for washes your personal hygiene.
Medical kit and Oxygen bottle: Our crew will bring a first-aid kit, including emergency oxygen bottle.
Transfer back to Cusco: Private touristic transport from Capuliyoc to your hotel in Cusco (Day 4)
24-hour guest service: We have telephone service available 24 hours/day for ease of communication and preparation with the agency leading up to your trek.

Sleeping Bags: You can rent one from our company if you do not have your own. Our sleeping bags are effective and durable to protect from temperatures as low as -18ºC (0ºF). They are mummy form and include a sleeping liner. The bags are cleaned after every use. 
Walking Sticks: You can rent a set from our company if you would like.
Day 1: Breakfast, approx. Usd5 to usd 10.00, Price can vary according your selection.
Last Day: Lunch and Dinner in Aguas Calientes. Approx. Usd 20 to 25.00, Price can vary according your selection.
Personal clothing and gear
Travel Insurance
Tips for our staff: Please note that our agency staff is well paid so please feel free to tip or not as you wish “Recommendation usd 6 to usd 8 per day per traveler for all the trek staff”- Once again it is optional and can vary according your satisfaction. 
Additional costs or delays out of control of the management (landscape, bad weather condition, itinerary modification due to a safety concern, illness, change of government policy, political instability/strike, etc.)

Original Passport
Day Pack                                                    
Full rain gear or poncho
Gloves (thin riding and warm gloves) 
Trekking pants
Breathable dry fit top-wear
Hiking socks 
Insect repellent 
Bathing suit 
Comfortable shoes/flip-flops
Cold-weather jacket
Long-sleeve fleece/sweater Wool hat
Hiking boots
Baseball cap, sombrero and bandana
Casual mountains wear for evenings 
Photo/video cameras and chargers 
Refillable water bottle (hydration bags are recommended) 

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